Firsthand Science DIY Kits

Firsthand Science DIY Kits

Our education system is facing Challenges in Teaching – learning science like:

  • Lack of access to experiential learning.
  • Children don't enjoy learning science through rote methods.
  • Lack of application based scientific method.
  • Excessive dependence on text book learning leading to lack of employability skills.

Firsthand Stem education aims to create experience based educational methods through frugal innovation to create academically inclusive classroom and maximize child's potential. Firsthand uses science as a medium of expression that provides:

  • Take home firsthand Science kits for students.
  • Teacher and Student Manuals to support the kits and Students learning experience

Highlights of the Firsthand Science Kits:

  • Activities mapped to CBSE/ICSE/State Boards curricula.
  • Activities for grade 1 to 10
  • Each Grade has 12 take home science kits.
  • Activities come with detailed teacher and student manual.
  • Comprehensive teacher training support throughout the year.
  • Students learn science with fun and joy.

Benefits of Firsthand Science Activities:

  • Develop Scientific temperament
  • Improves observational skills.
  • Develop higher order thinking skills
  • Makes the abstract concept of science easier to learn and fun for children
  • Builds confidence and motivation.