Firsthand MathLab

Firsthand MathLab

The 'Math Phobia'

All students can learn mathematics and all students need to learn mathematics.
One of the biggest challenge that Math teaching and learning presents is - children feel frustrated and embarrassed by their self -created 'Phobia' for learning mathematics. Some of the primary reasons attributed to this are:

  • Concrete to Abstract approach is not applied for developing math concepts at primary stages.
  • Lack of application of Math concepts.
  • Teachers are untrained to use mathematics kits in the classroom.'

Firsthand Digital Math LAB Approach

Firsthand Digital Math LAB aims to create sensory learning that ignites their thoughts and help them by explore. It envisions to transform math learning by:

  • Emphasizing on developing math concepts by following Concrete- pictorial – abstract approach at primary and elementary grades.
  • Rigorous teacher training program
  • Makes math learning process easy and joyful by using the digital content along with the math kits.

Firsthand Digital Math LAB Deliverables

Firsthand Digital Math LAB offers a holistic math learning process for grade 1 to 8. We also provide digital support to develop concept for grade 9 and grade 10.

  • 200+ hands on kits for complete Math LAB solution
  • Digital Content – 180+ hands on activities videos.
  • Digital Support for paper cutting activities video
  • Fun posters and portraits to provide an enriching environment.